As I'm now in the 6th semester of my studies in computer science, I have to write my bachelor thesis. Because of I really like my work at the Fraunhofer was standing to reason that I could connect the thesis with my work and write about a topic, which also brings our project a bit forward.

My boss asked me what I would like to write about and as I'm currently quite interested in all the NoSQL stuff I thought it would be a good opportunity to address that.

Luckly there is a bigger project in line that is all about testing fancy NoSQL-stuff. It is basically a rewrite of our data analyses tool CIWOR. An application that monitors a wide range of webresources and tries to find some facts and data that are interesting for our main project. Sadly the current solution, based only on MySQL, does not perform quite well, while the stored data grows rapidly. So the general idea is to use more flexible and better suited data stores pared with a much more skaleable codebase to enhance CIWOR's performance.

And so the title of the thesis is

Evaluation von NoSQL-Datenbanksystemen für den Einsatz in einem Framework zur Analyse großer unstrukturierter Textmengen

(something like: Evaliation of NoSQL databasesystems for the use in a framework for analysing large unstructured amounts of text)

A brief (german) description can be found in the pdf attached below.

Additionally I have to give a short talk about my progress and my topic tomorrow. The slides can be found here